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A Boost for Additive Manufacuring

Application Note

Dreams come true - Application tailored beam profiles at 1 micron

Technical Paper in PhotonicsViews 5/2019

Importance of Beam Analysis for Industry 4.0

White Paper in PhotonicsViews 4/2019

More Than Beam Profiling

A new approach for beam diagnostics in 3D additive manufacturing systems

White Paper introducing ScanFieldMonitor in Laser Technik Journal 03/2018

Presentations 8th PRIMES-Workshop 2018

PDF, 1.7 MB
Measuring Laser Power - Between Flexibility and Machine Integration (EC-PM, PMM, Cube, PMC, FPM)12.09.2019
PDF, 3.0 MB
Flexible Focus Diagnostics (FM+ and new LDS)04.11.2019
PDF, 10.1 MB
A new Approach for Beam Diagnostics in 3D Additive Manufacturing Systems (SFM)12.09.2019
PDF, 65.3 MB
Convenient Beam Diagnostics in Laser Quality Inspection (LQM+, new LDS)12.09.2019
PDF, 1.2 MB
Beam Diagnostics heading for Industrial Production (PMM, BCS, FPM)12.09.2019