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Technical advice – Experience. Flexibility. Security.

High energy on a minute area. That means results you can calculate exactly at a high production density. There is no room in precisely timed production processes for production outages or rejects, just because the laser system "misbehaves".

Checking and testing of laser beams is indispensable everywhere this tool is used. Any number of variables can influence the process result, and can lead to discrepancies in the welding, cutting or hardening of a wide variety of materials. Whether on the production line of an automotive manufacturer, or 3D printing in additive manufacturing.

Precision meets precision

PRIMES consultants help you to run your laser-guided production to a consistently high standard. They can do this "quite simply" by measuring and testing the laser beam in your plant. Many changes to a laser beam are possible before it reaches the workpiece, from deformation to power loss. Whether these are caused by dirt-contaminated optics or amounts of foreign gas in the production environment is something that can be established with certainty by beam diagnostics.

High tech laboratory

Our specialists can reproduce typical application situations in our "laser technology centre" for this purpose, and determine wherein the source of error in your laser application lies as a rule. Our ultramodern laser technology centre has a wide range of more than ten different beam sources available, from CO2 lasers to fibre lasers of a high beam quality. It's the perfect environment for working out the ideal solution with you.

PRIMES laser measuring devices – investing in reliability

Even before you purchase a laser measuring device, we work with you to analyse your specific requirements and the options they present. Whether it be straight power measurement or comprehensive beam diagnostics with a combination device, whether it be a stand-alone unit with integrated display, or integrated into the manufacturing system, the aim of our consultation is your optimum benefit.
Our instruction and training for future users on site at your location will give you full familiarity with all diagnostic tools.
And following the commissioning of a PRIMES system, our recognised  experts are standing by at all times to support you by telephone, e-mail or on site, in order that exactly the right parameters can be changed with qualified data analysis and interpretation and the fault in the system can be rectified immediately.

We see ourselves as your partner.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. After all, solving challenging laser measurement problems in industrial production and research and process development is our strength. PRIMES has recognised experts in the areas of beam diagnostics, who focus on providing the best possible solution for every measurement problem.