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On-site Measurement – Focus. Precision. Perspective.

Where there is light, there is also shade. The quickest solution to problems with laser precision is a measurement made to order. Qualified beam diagnostics and beam monitoring carried out by PRIMES staff on site at your location will give you maximum certainty, which can only evolve from interdisciplinary collaboration between physicists, information scientists and machine manufacturers. This way you can recruit concentrated expertise about all aspects of laser beams into your business for a defined period, without investing in complete diagnostic equipment.

More than just troubleshooting

In a measurement to order, you benefit from the use of high-powered PRIMES measuring devices and obtain a coherent analysis of the results. And above and beyond the elimination of the error itself, you profit from the possibility of further process optimisation through our expert interpretation of the measurement data gathered. We demonstrate clearly to you the parameter changes which will allow you to achieve the greatest long-term benefit to your manufacturing.

Find out more with a system characterisation

What does our laser system really deliver? On which part of the route to the workpiece are there interference factors? Where are the causes of loss of quality? With a target-actual comparison of your laser application you know more, because we take such a close look during beam diagnostics that in future you will be able not only to achieve the best possible result for the workpiece, but also further improve your process development with that knowledge.