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Calibration Laboratory – Precision. Quality. Confidence.

Who checks the checker, who measures the measuring system? As an ISO certified company, high precision is our standard. Our calibration lab has experience with countless laser applications, and so we understand the challenges of your sector.
PRIMES calibrates all makes of laser power measuring devices – including, of course, the such successful PRIMES measuring devices as the PowerMonitor, CompactPowerMonitor, PocketMonitor and PowerMeasuringModule. The service of our calibration laboratory is available to all interested customers, regardless of the make of the device or its type. You are welcome to send your laser measuring device in to be calibrated, because we are at home all throughout the laser measurement world.

Working standard with PTB certificate

The starting point for every measurement are established measurement regulations and traceable reference standards. For laser power measurement, these are ISO 11554, and for PRIMES, the national standard for laser power at the German National Metrology Institute in Braunschweig and Berlin (PTB). They form the solid foundations of the PRIMES calibration laboratory.
The starting point for work in the calibration laboratory is a reference standard certified by the PTB, which serves as our reference. Our PTB-certified reference standard is certified at <1 % for YAG and CO2 wavelengths for a power range of 120 W to 2 kW.
Together with our various high-power lasers, we can calibrate all power meters in the range of real conditions of use.

Ideally equipped

The PRIMES calibration laboratory has a comprehensive set-up. Our equipment includes:

  • CO2 laser with 3,500 W optical power
  • Nd:YAG laser with 1,000 W optical power
  • Disk laser with 2,000 W  and 6,600 W optical power
  • Multiple fibre lasers with 2,000 W, 3,000 W and 4,000 W optical power
  • Frequency doubled disk laser with 1,000 W (515 nm green)

In the formal sense, the word calibration is to be understood as a direct or indirect comparison with a national standard. Hence calibrations in the narrower sense can only be performed for measurement parameters for which a national standard exists. This is indeed the case for laser power – but not for beam diameter, however.
In the case of devices for measuring beam diameter and beam caustics, PRIMES therefore offers a comparison with working standards as an alternative. We rely on the comparison with a fibre end of a known diameter as well as on mechanical reference normals.