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In laser material processing, laser power is a key property of the laser beam. In particular in commissioning lasers, but also in development, approval, troubleshooting and maintenance a reliable and accurate determination of laser power is indispensable.

Our power measuring devices PowerMonitor, CompactPowerMonitor and EC-PowerMonitor enable laser powers from 50 W to 30 kW to be measured continuously, i.e. not at timed intervals, depending on configuration. The optional use of a fibre adapter allows power measurement directly after the fibre-optic cable.


PRIMES devices for continuous beam exposure

 Power rangePower densitySpecial properties


300 W to 75 kW5-15 kW/cm²
  • Suited to particularly high power densities
  • Robust, ideal for use in industrial production
  • Can be combined with the FocusMonitor or BeamMonitor
  • Measurement of focused and unfocused beam

CompactPowerMonitor CPM

0.1-30 kW0.5-10 kW/cm²
  • Small, light, compact, USB connection
  • Can be combined with the FocusMonitor in the BeamControlSystem


 200 W to 10 kW 10 kW/cm² 
  • Equipped with self-testing function, especially suited as a reference instrument for the calibration of various power meters within an organisation
  • Can be combined with FocusMonitor