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The PowerMeasuringCassette (PMC) measures the power of solid-state lasers when directly integrated into the laser processing head. It is available for laser processing heads from Trumpf (BEO D70).

The laser power in the interaction zone is one of the key parameters for the process outcome in laser material processing. A loss of power can lead to serious quality problems in the component being processed. For this reason the laser power must be measured directly in or near the process zone. The PowerMeasuringCassette is a portable laser power sensor that enables laser power to be determined directly at the processing head.

In the field

This compact measuring system is suited to monitoring beam power in day-to-day operations.
Thanks to its compact design, the PMC also makes power measurements possible even if there is not enough space for a measuring device underneath the processing head.
 The PMC is shielded from shocks and damp by a protective housing. It has an integrated LCD display. It is powered by an integrated lithium-ion battery, which can be charged via a micro-USB connection.
Alternatively, the PMC can be operated outside the processing head in stand-alone mode.

The temperature of the PMC should not exceed the critical temperature threshold. In order to be able to monitor this important system parameter, an interlock signal is available, the use of which we strongly recommend.

Measurement methods – the principle

The absorber of the calorimetric measurement system is irradiated for a short period of time, before the absorber temperature is measured. Based on the temperature increase, the microprocessor-based electronics are able to calculate the laser power to a high degree of accuracy.

The concept for mechanical integration is to take advantage of the removable cassette in the focusing head. The PowerMeasuringCassette simply replaces the protective glass cassette.

Measured beam parameters

Power of solid-state lasers at:

  • Wavelength: 900 – 1090 nm
  • Power range: 400 – 12000 W
  • Measuring time: 100 – 1000 ms (depending on the laser power)