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When commissioning, maintaining or services a laser a quick, uncomplicated but reliable power measurement of the laser beam is indispensable. This also applies to production areas, where measurements can be carried out at shut-down and changeover times. PRIMES power measuring devices for brief irradiation are available for laser power ranges from W to multi-kilowatt.

The PocketMonitor and PowerMeasuringCassette are used as measuring devices for maintenance and servicing. Both types of devices have integrated displays for direct power read-outs.

The PowerMeasuringModule and the FocusParameterMonitor can be used during production to monitor power. The measured power readings are transmitted directly to the system controller via fieldbus.


PRIMES devices for brief radiation

 Power rangePower densitySpecial properties


25 - 12000 W4 kW/cm²
at ø > 10 mm
for ø <10 mm
see data sheet
  • small
  • powerful
  • fits in every laser cell


400 – 12000 W4 kW /cm²
at ø > 10 mm
for ø <10 mm
see data sheet
  • System integration via numerous fieldbus interfaces
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Short acquisition time of around 300 ms


25 - 12000 W5 kW/cm²
  • Compact, robust, portable; ideal for use in servicing


400 – 12000 W 1.5 kW/cm²at ø > 10 mm
for ø <10 mm
see data sheet
  • Particularly compact
  • For incorporation in processing heads
  • Portable device, ideal for maintenance and service technicians