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The FocusTracker FT uses a novel measuring principle to measure the focus position in a fast and easy way. Time resolution is up to 40 Hz. The FocusTracker FT helps to better understand and monitor the thermal behavior of an optical setup at your process parameters. It is available as water- or air-cooled version, for both VIS or NIR wavelengths.

Your benefit

Learn more about your process and the inherent focus shift. Measure at your process parameters, CW and pulsed operation are possible. The FocusTracker FT can be very helpful to develop a process or optical setup. Use it in your service for a quick and easy inspection and qualification of optical setups and to determine the exact TCP (Tool Center Point) of your laser. Use it in your quality control and integrate the device into a machine to keep track of the performance of the optical setup.

Determine focus shift and tool center point with the FocusTracker

Tech Corner

The FocusTracker FT delivers the focus position with up to 40 Hz in real time. This enables deeper insight into the thermal behaviour of an optical setup than ever before. Due to increasingly narrow process-windows and highly sensitive components, like batteries or e-motors, it becomes more and more important to gain deep knowledge about the focus position at any time within the process.

The FocusTracker FT is aligned at 90° to the incoming beam. The main beam passes through the device. This allows maximum fl exibility in terms of power and placement of the unit. A small portion of the laser is led into the device. The divergence of the beam is measured, allowing the exact position of the focus position to be calculated.


Fig 1 illustrates a dynamic process with changing power levels and the corresponding focus
shift in this process.

Fig 2 shows the comparison of the same system but with different cooldown phases (5 s compared to 2 s) at 3 kW. Our LaserDiagnosticsSoftware LDS enables you to analyze the absolute focus shift (amplitude) as well as the three time constants (fast, medium and slow).
Based on these values, the behaviour of an optical setup at different power levels or process parameters can be predicted. As a result, long test sessions with different beam sources and power levels can be shortened to a minimum.


The FocusTracker FT is specifically developed to analyze the focus shift and determine the exact focus position of your laser. It is quick and easy to use while being versatile and capable of analyzing very high powers. The simple and robust design ensures longevity at a very reasonable price.