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Application-specific device variants.

Along with its standard products, for many years PRIMES has continuously developed new and adapted products for beam diagnostics and monitoring. A quarter of PRIMES employees work on developing high-quality, robust measuring systems from innovations.

A number of custom solutions were originally developed to satisfy specific customer requirements, and are now generally available.


The PowerMeasuringCassette measures the power of solid-state lasers, and is directly integrated into the laser processing head (e.g. Trumpf BEO D70).

Along with this new device for Trumpf BEO processing heads, we also have comparable systems for the Trumpf CFO processing head and others.

Models for other processing heads are also available on request.

You can find further information on the PowerMeasuringCassette here.

FocusMonitor FMW+

The FocusMonitor FMW+ was designed in a cubic shape based on the FocusMonitor. It was developed specifically for use in the limited installation space of a machine. An air-cooled absorber for powers up to 200 W has been directly integrated. The FocusMonitor FMW+ does not have its own movable z-axis. For caustics measurements, the beam is moved by the plant drive trains if required.

You can find further information on the FocusMonitor FMW+ here.


Our experts are happy to help find a solution to your particular measuring problem. Feel free to contact us.