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PRIMES measuring devices can be combined modularly depending on requirements. For the concurrent recording of raw beam properties and laser power, the BeamMonitor BM+ and the HighPower-LaserQualityMonitor (HP-LQM) can be combined with various power meters. In the case of the BeamMonitor BM+, the power can be measured and absorbed with a PowerMonitor, for example. In the case of the HighPower-LQM, the PowerLossMonitor can be employed to determine the laser power destroyed in the water-cooled absorbers.


PRIMES devices for raw beam- and power measurement

 WavelengthPower rangeSpecial characteristics

NEW: BeamMonitor BM+

CO2 or NIRup to 25 kW
  • system integration and servicing
  • suited to large raw beam diameters


NIRup to 10 kW
  • Direct measurement of beam profile out of the fibre
  • Raw beam measurement of free-beam lasers
  • Power measurement in combination with PowerLossMonitor