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The beam distribution of a laser beam represents an important property for assessing beam quality. Parameters of beam distribution are beam position, beam dimensions, beam symmetry and power density distribution. Beam position, beam dimensions, beam symmetry and power density distribution can be recorded and analysed with the BeamMonitor and the BeamMonitor-HQ for NIR- and IR-lasers at beam dimensions of up to 70 mm and laser power of up to 25 kW. The LaserQualityMonitor was especially designed for beam parameter measurement of UV and NIR lasers. Its range of applications extends from laser power up to 10 kW and pulsed laser beams of ps pulse duration, up to continuous laser radiation.


PRIMES devices for raw beam measurement

 Laser typesClear apertureSpecial characteristics


CO250 mm
  • with optional linescan, i.e. quick repeated measurement
  • for various power ranges
  • systems integration and servicing


CO2 or solid-state lasers  60 or 100 mm
  • system integration and servicing
  • suited to large raw beam diameters 


 solid-state lasers 20 mm
  • suited to quality assurance and acceptance inspection
  • direct fibre connection possible, "plug and play"
  • depending on configuration level, up to 10 kW cw
  • integrated, water-cooled beam dump