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The most versatile and advanced camera based beam profiler for Micro to Macro, femto to cw and VIS to NIR.

The MicroSpotMonitor MSM+ is designed to meet market requirements of ever increasing applications using USP and high brilliant laser sources at different wavelengths. The camera based system measures all relevant parameters of a focused laser, including the power density distribution with the highest resolution and accuracy.

Your Benefit

Developing new laser sources, optimizing the optical path of focusing heads or verifying the performance of lasers in processing machines has never been that easy and reliable. The new “plus generation” of our established MicroSpotMonitor provides higher measuring rates, enhanced algorithms and new measuring modes. Fully automatic caustic measurements and new features within our LaserDiagnosticsSoftware LDS increase the usability for basic measurements, while providing detailed information for in-depth analyses of your beam profile.

Tech Corner

The MicroSpotMonitor MSM+ is the most sophisticated and versatile camera based measuring device for lasers ranging from the UV to NIR spectrum. With its unique design and its perfectly chosen components and optical elements the MSM+ is the ideal fit to attenuate and image a laser beam at up to 500 W average power or ultra-short pulsed lasers in the
pico- or femtosecond regime.
The MSM+ generates a magnified image of the incoming beam on the CCD by means of the measuring objective. Additional attenuators as well as a filter wheel equipped with different OD filters attenuate the beam gradually.

Using the imaged two dimensional power density distribution, our LaserDiagnosticsSoftware LDS calculates information such as beam diameter and location. Repeating this measurement at different positions along the working range, all parameters necessary to fully describe the artificial caustic are determined. An integrated x- and y-axis is available for straightforward adjustment.

We offer 3 different measuring objectives (MOB), each of which is coated in the NIR and optionally for the 2nd and 3rd
harmonic. The objectives differ essentially in the magnification achieved, the maximum allowed NA and the possible working distance. Two additional internal beam path will extend the suitable magnification by 0.3 and 1.8. An integrated safety circuit monitors the condition of the equipment and immediately shuts off the laser in the event of a


Laser systems equipped with pulsed- or cw-lasers at different wavelengths can be monitored in great detail. Power density distributions along the propagation of the focused or fiber guided laser will enable an easy root cause analysis. Distortions, aberrations or, more common, spatters and defects on optical surfaces are directly detectable. Appropriate
countermeasures can be initiated in a targeted and immediate manner.