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Take power of lasers: measure power density safely and reliably. The dimensions of the laser beam in focus are dependent on the raw beam quality and the imaging properties of the focussing optics. The FocusMonitor and MicroSpotMonitor are used to measure beam distribution in the focal plane. With the MicroSpotMonitor, beam dimensions down to a minimum of 20 µm are measurable. In combination with power measurement, fieldbus interfaces are also available.


PRIMES devices for focus measurement

 Laser types, wavelengthsMeasurement window sizeSpecial characteristics

FocusMonitor FM+

CO2, fibre, diode8 x 8 – 12 x 24
  • Measurement of high power densities
  • New design and new electronics
  • Fully automated measurements with the new LaserDiagnosticsSoftware

FocusMonitor FMW+

CO2, fibre8 x 8
  • New design and new electronics
  • Faster data transmission thanks to Ethernet
  • Power measurement up to 1000 W


Fibre, 520-550 nm, 340-360 nm20x20 µm – 3x3 mm
  • Suited to pulsed lasers, also short-pulse
  • Single pulse measuremen


 NIR 40x40 µm – 2x2 mm 
  • Maximum power densities up to GW/cm²
  • Small spot size up to 10 µm at 10 kW laser beam power
  • Expandable with fibre measurement options