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Request RMA number

In order to send a device to PRIMES for maintenance, calibration, repair or claims, you can quickly and easily get an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorisation) here.

The RMA is an identification number for your return, which helps us to process your request as efficiently as possible.


1. Assignment of RMA number

  • After filling in the short on-line application, one or several RMA numbers (depending on number of return devices) will be displayed on the screen.
  • You will immediately receive a PDF document containing the RMA number(s) and your details via e-mail.
  • Please print PDF document from the e-mail.

2. Return of the goods

  • First, please empty the cooling circuit and insert the supplied sealing plugs. Do NOT use compressed air to flush out the system!
  • Return the goods with accessories in the original packaging (transport case) with an additional shipping carton to PRIMES.
  • No liability will be accepted for customer accessories sent along which are not from PRIMES.
  • Important: Attach the printed document with RMA number to the consignment!
  • Lithium cells or batteries are permanently installed in some of our products. Lithium cells and batteries are classified as "dangerous goods" in international transport law. On the product site you will find the relevant documents for the transport of dangerous goods: the MSDS safety sheet and the UN 38.3 supplier´s test summary report.
  • Note for customers from non-EU countries:
    Please get in touch with us before returning a device, in order to avoid any difficulties with import/export or customs.


3. Please note

  • If the scope of work required differs from the commissioned service, we reserve the right to invoice the additional costs after prior consultation.
  • Dismantled parts will be disposed of by PRIMES free of charge.

RMA request form

In case of errors, please look at your selected devices and possibly reselect them!

Fields marked with (*) are required and must be completed

Contact – person responsible


Alternative delivery address

Contact for technical follow up enquiries


Return of device 1*


By chosing a type, model (if available) and reason for each device a checkbox with a consent is generated beneath the submit button. You have to check and therefore accept the generated consent in order to be able to send the form.

Return of further devices

Return of device 2

Return of device 3

Return of device 4

Return of device 5

- Empty the cooling circuits
- Lock mechanical components (if possible)
- Pay attention to adequate packaging, ideally PRIMES transport case
- Include the printed RMA document in the shipment

- All prices excl. VAT, valid only for inquiries within Germany
- If no prices are stored, you will receive a cost estimate as soon as the costs exceed the release sum entered by you
- Foreign business partners will receive a cost estimate
- Delivery is performed according to FCA PRIMES GmbH (Incoterms 2020)

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If you have any questions about the RMA form or our device servicing, please contact:


T +49 6157 9878 2700

Address devices to:

Max-Planck-Str. 2
64319 Pfungstadt