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Laser systems engineering bridges the gap between between beam source and laser application. The quality of the production results is influenced by the beam properties. Beam analysis supplies the necessary beam parameters for this purpose. These are the basis for the quality and productivity planning, plant layout and monitoring of quality.
The more critical the components or the higher the value creation and costs of the laser-manufactured components, the more often such diagnostic systems are used in plant development, commissioning and acceptance inspection, maintenance and servicing and for quality assurance during production. Beam monitoring during production enables preventative maintenance, so that unplanned outage times can be reduced dramatically.

On the market of flat bed cutting plants, PRIMES is the preferred supplier of equipment to the market-leading plant manufacturers worldwide. In this area, the FocusMonitor is predominantly used for focus analysis in the process area as well as the PRIMES power meters (PocketMonitor, PowerMonitor, CompactPowerMonitor). The HighPower-MSM-HighBrilliance has been designed for systems with high-brilliance beam sources in the NIR range.
Manufacturers of processing plants in the macro-range (such as cutting, welding, laser hybrid welding, powder generation, hardening) employ PRIMES beam analysis devices for commissioning, beam monitoring of beam guidance, beam forming and focus in quality assurance and process optimisation and also for servicing. These users prefer using the following products: FocusMonitor, PowerMonitor, CompactPowerMonitor, PocketMonitor.
In the area of microprocessing, for example drilling or laser milling, our camera-based systems such as the MicroSpotMonitor do service in systems development, commissioning and acceptance inspection, process development, service and maintenance and also rapid fault analysis.
Our systems engineering customers particularly appreciate the robustness, ease of use and the precision of our measuring devices. Beam analysis without long preparation and complex equipment – ready when needed.