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One of the strongest growth markets in the area of laser technology at the moment is the additive manufacturing sector, and in particular the area of Selective Laser Melting (SLM).
In additive manufacturing, components are produced in several layers through the fusing of a powder bed by means of laser. The non-contact process offers the end user many new possibilities with respect to design, construction and functionality of their components.
Plant construction for Selective Laser Melting is generally very compact and does not leave much room for laser diagnostics systems. The camera-based and water-cooled measurement system of the MicroSpotMonitor-Compact, for example, is tailored to this challenge.

As the name suggests, it is a particularly compact and combines camera, electronics, attenuation and absorption in one housing. Expandable with various modules, the MSM-C can be adapted to the requirements of the most up-to-date SLM plants.
This system allows you to make measurements of the beam distribution of your focus laser directly at process level at nominal power. By using your Z-axis installed in the plant, entire caustics can additionally be produced to determine the most important beam parameters. Hence the alignment of the focal position vital to the process is possible in the shortest possible time without elaborate production of test geometries .