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One of the strongest growth markets in the area of laser technology at the moment is the additive manufacturing sector, and in particular the area of Selective Laser Melting (SLM).
In additive manufacturing, components are produced in several layers through the fusing of a powder by means of laser. Although the non-contact method offers many new possibilities in terms of design, construction and functionality of its components, it leaves little room for laser diagnostic systems due to its space-saving design.


PRIMES has developed the ScanFieldMonitor and with it a patented1) measurement method for scanner-based laser processes especially for the growing requirements of this market. The new system not only measures beam propagation parameters such as focus position, focus radius and Rayleigh length, but also provides much more valuable information about the dynamics of your laser within the system.


For power measurements close to the focus and at any position in the field, the Cube M is the perfect solution.


Our range of services is completed with our FocusMonitor FMW+ and the MicroSpotMonitor-Compact. These two systems enable comprehensive beam characterization even within confined spaces.


1) PRIMES is the owner of US patent 10,184,828 which protects a method for determining properties of a laser beam. The SFM is a sophisticated tool that makes it easier for you to implement this method.