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Additive manufacturing has become a useful addition to the conventional mechanical production processes. The use of this technology in fast growing number of industrial applications increases the demand for high productivity machines at a high quality and low cost point. Most system manufacturers have recognized this trend and are already offering solutions with up to 4 lasers processing in parallel. Proven efficiency increases of up to 80 % are not uncommon here.

However, the theoretically possible increase in efficiency of such systems usually ignores the necessary expenditures in non-productive times. For example, the regular inspection of the 4 lasers could take at least 4 times longer. Valuable production time which is opposed to the theoretically possible efficiency of the system. Instead of increasing the cycle of this work or limiting the QM inspection to the most necessary, we would like to present our Cube M, which is an efficient alternative, exactly developed for this purpose.


Place the Cube M in a central position in the overlap region of all lasers. The measurement takes place close to the focus, without lowering the build plate. You can run the power measurement under exactly your operation conditions: at full power and at incidence angles of up to ±20°. The Cube M is an autonomous sensor and requires neither any external cooling nor a power or data connection. Start your individual service program and upload the measured values to your laptop or mobile device afterwards.

Determine not only the status of your system, but also document the condition of your laser tool.

PRIMES has developed the ScanFieldMonitor and with it a patented1) measurement method for scanner-based laser processes especially for the growing requirements of this market. The new system not only measures beam propagation parameters such as focus position, focus radius and Rayleigh length, but also provides much more valuable information about the dynamics of your laser within the system.


1) PRIMES is the owner of US patent 10,184,828 which protects a method for determining properties of a laser beam. The SFM is a sophisticated tool that makes it easier for you to implement this method.

Our range of services is completed with our FocusMonitor FMW+. This systems enables comprehensive beam characterization even within confined spaces.