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Our latest innovations

Cube L – More possibilities of power measurement

The Cube power meter device is especially suited for single shot measurements of solid-state lasers up to 12 kW. Our latest innovation, the Cube L, extends the family with a new model for your high-performance application: The Cube L easily measures the power of solid-state and fiber lasers up to 20 kW! A real powerhouse!


FocusMonitor FM+ HPD – Measurement of high Power Densities

As the latest innovation in the FocusMonitor FM+ family, PRIMES introduces the FocusMonitor FM+ HPD (High Power Densities). Through continuous development and the special design of the new Fused Silica Sensor System FS3, it is now possible to measure and evaluate laser beams with very high power densities of up to 50 MW/cm2. Here, beam diameters of 100 μm – 1 200 μm can be evaluated. The revolutionary design and the new functionality of the FocusMonitor FM+ HPD is available for the measurement of beam sources in the wavelength range of 1.0 - 1.1 μm.

With the FocusMonitor FM+ HPD, we present a milestone in the caustic analysis of laser beams in previously difficult to evaluate power ranges, which find use in cutting applications, for example



Fast and safe – LaserQualityMonitor LQM+

With the LQM+, PRIMES provides an integrated solution for fast, simple analysis of a beam of lasers. Not only does it measure, characterize, and qualify the beam propagation of lasers from the UV to NIR range, but it also allows you to more easily analyze errors in the optical design of resonators and beam display systems.
One very common area of application for the LaserQualityMonitor is in quality assurance for the production of laser light sources.


The new Features of the LQM+


  •     Accelerated measurement
  •     Completely automated caustic scan
  •     Operation and presentation with the new PRIMES LaserDiagnosticsSoftware
  •     Optionally available for up to 20 kW
  •     Optionally available with new internal objective allowing up to 30 mm x mrad
  •     Integrated power measurement for all water-cooled variants (> 500 W)