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The PRIMES ScanFieldMonitor wins the 1st place at the Innovation Award Laser Technology 2022 in Aachen.

The PRIMES ScanFieldMonitor (SFM) wins 1st place after being nominated for the Innovation Award Laser Technology 2022 in Aachen. This puts the SFM ahead of 20 other innovations in 2022 and proves once again that it has contributed to the further development of science and technology.


The novel and patented measurement principle utilized in the PRIMES ScanFieldMonitor (SFM) enables the measurement of laser beam parameters during the movement of a scanned vector. The resulting laser-scanner-characterization provides all geometrical and laser related parameters relevant for remote applications. Additionally, beam position and movement of the laser-scanner-unit in its scanning field are determined in the same operation. The consolidation of many measuring tasks in a single device, saves the user time and money and helps the machine builder in the commissioning and maintenance of AM machines as well as the user in process control and quality management.

The measurement principle is based on a defined scattering structure engraved by an ultra-short pulse laser into a transparent material. When the laser beam passes over this structure, the light is scattered by means of the engraved stray elements. The characteristic SFM scattering signal is detected by a photodiode. It allows the calculation of the vector location within the scan field, vector start and end point as well as the scanning speed. Besides all these parameters the beam diameter is calculated based on the generated 1D integrated signal at the same time. Without any further optics included, the SFM provides a wide incidence angle of ± 20° to enable measurements on the entire scan field. Among other things, this also allows the stitching of overlapping scanner areas with an accuracy of less than 10 µm.


The European science and technology prize Innovation Award Laser Technology is awarded every two years by the Arbeitskreis Lasertechnik e.V. and the European Laser Institute ELI. The Innovation Award is aimed at laser manufacturers and laser users as well as researchers and developers who have shaped a laser technology innovation from the stage of application-oriented research to successful industrial implementation. The completed scientific and technological work essentially deals with the use and generation of laser light for material processing and has led to a demonstrable economic benefit in industry in its concrete implementation.


Further information on the ScanFieldMonitor can be found here.