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Quality at PRIMES

For many customers, PRIMES is the supplier for laser beam measurement systems in development-, commissioning-, and production environments. Our products are characterized by their robustness, their precision and their high level of product quality.

As a supplier of measurement devices, the measurement of quality factors and the generation of quality within our products comes naturally. Thus, the establishment of a quality management system is the logical consequence of our daily business.

When we talk about quality at PRIMES, we don’t just refer to an individual product but more to the entire value chain.
Regardless of whether it concerns product conception or development, the selection of raw materials or production techniques, the design of our processes or the planning and execution of our services and customer support – it all is based on the winning formula of continuous enhancement and improvement.
It is our goal to guarantee a high level of quality and the highest levels of customer satisfaction, driven by a great force of innovation and systematic processes.

Our quality management, which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, delivers reliable product- and service quality to our partners, which can stand the test of future challenges on a global market with regard to efficiency, quality and sustainability.

Environmental protection at PRIMES

PRIMES is committed to uniform environmental protection, thus preserving the environment for future generations. Key elements of our measures are aimed at:
- the efficient use of raw materials and the continuous reduction of resources and waste,
- the prevention of environmental pollution (water, soil and air), including the reduction of CO2 emissions, and
- the increase of energy efficiency.

We strive for continuous improvement of all relevant processes and thus the effectiveness of the environmental management system. The sustainability of PRIMES products is always in focus as well as the saving of resources and energy.

The introduced environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 has successfully passed the first certification audit in autumn 2023.