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For 25 years, PRIMES has been developing and manufacturing devices for laser beam diagnostics in industrial applications. We began with the FocusMonitor, measuring beam quality. Today we offer a range of devices for recording beam quality and power of laser beams. The spectrum of our devices comprises:

  • Measurement of beam distribution
  • Beam caustic in the focal plane and free-running beam
  • Recording of laser powers in the multi-kilowatt range
  • Recording of the minute focus radii and beam properties of high-brilliance lasers as well as those with short pulse duration.

The development and application of PRIMES devices is supported by testing in our in-house laser laboratory under real operating conditions, and their functionality is guaranteed by our in-house calibration laboratory.

When it comes to beam diagnostics, PRIMES stands for Innovation and Expertise. A highly motivated team of around 120 employees work at the company's headquarters in Pfungstadt, supported internationally by a network of distributors in Europe, America, Asia and Australia as well as a subsidiary in Japan.

PRIMES beam diagnosis devices give users access to ultra-modern equipment and innovative measurement methods. The functionality and reliability of our devices are guaranteed by our 100-per cent in-house development, our high ratio of in-house manufacturing and the final inspection we perform on every device.

PRIMES' strength is working with your experts on site to deliver solutions to challenging measurement tasks, from industrial manufacturing right through to research and method development. PRIMES has recognised experts on beam diagnostics available in its distribution and development areas, who work out the solution with the best price-performance ratio for the measuring task in question.

Our services are complemented by the training we provide to users at our customers' places of business, as well as an advisory and repair service for the service life of the beam diagnostics devices. Our in-house calibration laboratory makes a crucial contribution to this facet of customer support.