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Around 25 % of PRIMES employees work to develop new beam diagnostics products and improve existing products. This puts PRIMES in a position to offer a unique combination of innovative laser measurement techniques and ready-to-use, completely integrated beam diagnostics devices developed from them.
Development highlights have included:

  • 1995: The first system for the analysis and visualization of a laser focus: FocusMonitor
  • 2000: Compact and mobile power measurement: PocketMonitor
  • 2003: Camera based beam diagnostics: MicroSpotMonitor
  • 2006: Camera based measurement of the raw beam: LaserQualityMonitor
  • 2010: Power measurement with integrated field bus interface: PowerMeasuringModule
  • 2016: Ultra compact power measurement: Cube
  • 2017: New device generation with new software: FocusMonitor FM+, BeamMonitor BM+
  • 2018: Measurement of the beam properties in the scanfield for Additive Manufacturing: ScanFieldMonitor
  • 2019: A new dimension of raw beam measurement: LaserQualityMonitor LQM+
  • 2021: Measurement of highest power and energy densities: MicroSpotMonitor MSM+
  • 2021: Determination of the focus position in real time: FocusTracker FT

Thanks to the close contact between our developers and users of the devices in industry and research, we can take up new challenges for laser beam quality analysis at an early stage, developing and optimising processes accordingly and implementing them in equipment technology.

PRIMES stands for the consistent implementation of innovative ideas into robust equipment engineering, with highly accurate measurement techniques that are also suited to harsh industrial environments.